Saturday, June 18, 2011

Yuca (cassava) flatbread part II

(continued from last post) After wringing out all that juice (which was kept in a pot for something later on, about which we never found out), she put the dry yuca back on this table-like thing. I didn't mention before but this table was actually part of a hollowed out tree. It's like they were making a canoe out of a tree, but just made it a lot flatter, but still rounded on the inside of the bottom. Anyway, after squeezing the juice out of the yuca, it felt as dry as flour. Seriously. Either that lady was freaking She-Ra, or yuca just naturally parts with its liquid. She sifted it around a bit and tossed out the larger chunks and impurities, ending up with basically yuca flour. 

The yuca flour was put into a bucket and brought over to a round skillet that had been heating up over the fire. There, she took a small wooden bowl, filled it up about half full of yuca flour, dumped it onto the skilled, smoothed it out and waited for a few minutes.  

After a bit, she took the bottom of the now empty wooden bowl and used it to roll and press the yuca that was cooking on the skillet.

After a few minutes, she just slid a large wooden spatula under the now congealed yuca, flipped it over and cooked it on the other side. A minute later, it was done. She then broke off some pieces and handed it out. Some of it we ate without anything, which was really tasty, and some of it we wrapped some tuna in or spread some jam on.  Amazing how you can get yuca tortillas with absolutely no other ingredients than the plant itself. Awesome.

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