Thursday, June 16, 2011

Carnival in Ecuador

Our kids were looking forward to Carnival for weeks. This holiday (thankfully) doesn't go down in Ecuador like it does in Brazil or New Orleans. Here they just throw water on people. And flour and foam and whatever else they can think of to make people wet and dirty. The kids thought this was obviously the best holiday idea ever, while we were just hoping it would end soon. Literally everywhere you go, it is perfectly acceptable to just douse people with water. And the crazy thing about it is that that nobody gets angry. Anyone who unexpectedly gets soaking wet just laughs. Crazy.

While the actual Carnival celebrations go on for a few days, we bought a bunch of water balloons for the kids to play with, and on the actual Carnival day, they had a big water fight in the front patio. Here you can see Audrey coming in for the kill. 

Great action shot of Jorie trying to get out of the way of an incoming bucketfull of water.

And here is little Anahi, soaked to the bone, and as content as can be.

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