Thursday, June 16, 2011

San Jose de Quichinche - fiestas patronales

The festivities of San Jose de Quichinche came around, and we decided that it would be cool if the Tandana Foundation joined in the fun. People and organizations make floats and join the parade. Also people dress up in all kinds of costumes, including the traditional vaquero, which Bentz opted to be. Here he is, replete with furry pants...

Amy and the girls dressed up in traditional outfits, and joined the parade. It was raining pretty much the whole night, which tried unsuccessful to put a damper on the evening. I drove the truck.

The healthcare volunteers dressed up as healthcare workers and danced behind the truck. They had choreographed a little routine that they did with some letters that spelled out S-A-L-U-D (health). I think it was the first time that foreigners had participated, and the community really welcomed us. It was really cool, and the volunteers had a blast.

In the back of the truck, Jorie and Audrey dressed up as doctors performing a procedure on a patient, who was little Ruth from our family. She probably got the wettest of everyone, laying out there the whole night. The kids had so much fun, doubtlessly made even better by the applause from the neighborhood crowds all along the way.

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